Why Do Most Indian Men Have a Protruding Potbelly?

Watch this video to learn about the potential reasons why many Indian men tend to have a protruding potbelly and how it can be linked to their diet and gut health.

0:00 Intro: Why do many Indian men develop a potbelly, and how can it be addressed?
0:33 Potential factors contributing to abdominal fat
0:54 Differences between omnivorous and herbivorous diets
2:56 History of the Indian diet
4:54 Strategies for minimizing belly fat

The protruding potbelly is a common sight among many Indian men, and it can be attributed to a combination of factors such as genetics, lifestyle habits, and diet. While the tendency to store abdominal fat may have some genetic component, the high prevalence of this condition among Indian men suggests that there may be other contributing factors at play.

One potential factor is the traditional Indian diet, which has evolved over time. Historically, Indians consumed a predominantly plant-based diet with small amounts of meat, mostly goat or sheep. However, as modern diets have become more Westernized, there has been a significant increase in the consumption of ultra-processed foods high in sugar, seed oils, and refined starches.

These highly processed foods can cause inflammation in the gut and weaken the stomach lining, making it easier for harmful bacteria such as H. pylori to thrive. H. pylori is a type of bacteria that can cause gastritis and ulcers by weakening the stomach's protective mucus lining. To survive in the stomach's acidic environment, it produces ammonia that neutralizes stomach acid. This can lead to further digestive issues and an increased risk of developing diseases.

To address these problems, refined carbs should be eliminated from the diet, and protein intake should be increased, particularly from animal sources. Doing intermittent fasting and avoiding foods that cause bloating may be beneficial. Introducing betaine hydrochloride as a supplement can also help improve stomach acid levels and kill off pathogens in the gut.

In addition, understanding the digestive system and its functions can provide valuable insights on how to take care of it and address specific issues. Ultimately, by making mindful food choices and adopting nutritious eating habits, Indian men can work towards minimizing belly fat and improving their overall gut health.

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Thanks for watching! Paying attention to what and how you eat is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and gut. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  • @fieryfirevivin says:

    India has been summoned. As an indian. I approve this message

  • @misterpappy1552 says:

    Nice topic. But I would like to also know why do most chinese and japanese have such slim bodies since they eat mostly rice(carbs)?

  • @mrc551 says:

    80% of the men I see in OHIO, USA have protruding bellies. Not just a problem in India😢😢

    • @JaneDoe-ob3tq says:

      Ohioans problem is beer. 😂

    • @ahighlandgirl says:

      Same in MO !

    • @user-of2co3ke5p says:

      The topic is Indian men tho🙄. Sheesh!

    • @karthy257 says:


    • @sabrinajohnsson2389 says:

      He did not say it´s problem only in India. He is answering a question. I guess the question is from an Indian person. He has talked about the obesity problems in America. He has even adressed why African American have a higher risk of diabeties and high blood pressure. Those who want help, want to learn and make a change appriciate these videos. You are not special so get out of your feelings and let people who want to lean more about their health do🤨

  • @tylerk3616 says:

    I didn’t even know I was Indian.

  • @Ultimatefitness360 says:

    This problem arised in past 20 or 30 years otherwise i never seen anyone in my village with this type of belly who are my grandfather age

    • @schadenfreudeegoism7485 says:

      I see every uncle with this belly. I’ live in Delhi.

    • @pamelapati1219 says:

      Seed oils, advertised as “edible oil”.

    • @the_good_citizen says:

      Precisely!! All old men in the village are lean and fit. It’s the young who have these bellies. I’d put it down to the wheat and paddy grown with toxic fertilizers, all gifts of the west! Our farmers always used cow dung earlier and people were thin.

    • @denofpigs2575 says:

      ​@@pamelapati1219Digestible engine oil

  • @saurabhpathak3179 says:

    Thanks for addressing INDIA , Respected Dr Berg ! We all love you in INDIA ❤❤

  • @Hungry4mor3 says:

    Crazy timing, I just googled “why are Indians skinny fat” on Monday!
    As an Indian, this is something so common in our culture.

  • @theimperialist2686 says:

    As a man of Indian background, I’d say the most common reason is down to the type of foods we eat, and how they eventually lead to serious health problems. I’m doing what I can to cut away from that.

  • @stevelanghorn1407 says:

    Unless he’s an Indian man doing manual or agricultural work in India…as millions routinely do!

  • @tangoman3432 says:

    I am Indian too(Andhra) and live in Canada now but I was raised with mostly vegetables but also occasional meat, like chicken and lamb 2 or three times a week but we just ate huge amounts of rice and occasional chapathis. I ate Indian sweets occasionally and was overweight all my growing up years. I barely was active.

    But my diet completely changed when I moved to North America at 21. I eat lesser rice(which I have completely give up now and I am 43 now). I eat Keto with more meat(mostly ground beef and eggs). I also workout everyday now and also intermittent fast.

    I had a bit of a belly but it’s been shrinking. My belly size is about 37 inches now. I’ve lost 30 pounds since December and am 5’8″ and 160 lbs as of now.

    • @ianstuart5660 says:

      Excellent, keep going from a fellow Canadian!

    • @Saturn57 says:

      Congrats! Plz research ground beef. I know it’s not good for the colon. Maybe lean ground beef is different? and a PSA: New research says the best diet is mostly plant based, low carbs (not keto), beef and chicken mostly once a week, fish twice a week (if fresh is not available, eat sardines not tuna)

    • @Citizen052 says:

      Can Indian Hindus eat beef???

    • @helenahandkart1857 says:

      Fantastic results, you are clearly on the right track! Thanks for sharing, it’s inspiring to hear of results like this! 👍

    • @tangoman3432 says:

      @@Citizen052 it depends but I am not Hindu. Hindus, mostly from the south do tend to eat it, not like in the North, where they would probably lynch you for eating it.😁

  • @MuhammadNaeem-hz5ft says:

    This problem is very common not only in India but also in Pakistan, the main reason of which is unhealthy food and convenience, people are crazy about cold drinks and white sugar and at least white flour bread for breakfast. and do not exercise at all.

  • @pamelapati1219 says:

    I married an Indian, I’m not Asian. I am from Texas, I moved to India for him. I have never felt sicker and aging quicker, I cannot find my fresh salads, berries or of course, my grass fed beef! I literally am sick everyday.

    • @homosapiens... says:

      All vegetables and fruits there have these pesticides, govt authorities don’t care about food ,only people who grow their own food are gonna survive longer.

    • @valdemar1999 says:

      Save your life…move back to TX

    • @heavenbnd says:

      Wow…very sad. Hope you can find food that helps you.

    • @flamingpieherman9822 says:

      It sounds like you need to plant your own garden! And have your berries and things shipped in frozen

    • @patriciaburlow8469 says:

      He must be packing a pretty big gun in his holster, or have a magical tongue to leave Texas for Punjabi land..no real men in Texas? 😂😂

  • @Ramanhere468 says:

    Because Most Indians are Vegetarian/Vegan. So we do not consume much protein on a daily basis. The Indian diet consists mainly of carbs, fats, veggies, sugar, and dairy.

    • @natashajiwa7044 says:

      No they get their protein from beans lentils lots of vegges and sometimes eggs if they have eggs.

    • @beetlejuiceapril says:

      70% of Indians are meat eaters …. But even they are brainwashed to believe eating meat is bad for health …. So they consume refined process carbs most of the time ….

    • @Tokmurok says:

      ​@@natashajiwa7044eggs are good but they dont eat healthy foods often enough.

    • @Ramanhere468 says:

      @@natashajiwa7044 not nearly enough protein…

    • @hisukserjeant5204 says:

      Bcz most indians (95%) believe vegetarian diet is healthiest and u cant win them i tell U!!!! So outdated notion( 90% worrld people follow this too😵‍💫🙄🙄🙄

  • @shah_123 says:

    The main reason for indian belly is the overuse of antibiotics, which gradually leads to gutt issues. Antibiotics are prescribed by doctors since infanthood and even for viral issues, as people need immediate results or people opt for another doctor. Only last year Indian health department advised doctors to reduce antibiotics. Sadly, even now Indians can buy antibiotics over the counter without a doctor’s prescription, and there is no pharmacist who knows their job. Indian bakeries also have a big role in this spoiling health

  • @ashlaunicaalpari4584 says:

    My husband is Indian and YESSS FOR REAL…. he says he’s always had it… I tell him to lay off the white rice.
    He would eat white rice three times a day, like 2.5 – 3 cups each (a rounded over plate) with 1/4 cup curry which contains a few chunks of meat and a few chunks of vegetable. It’s mainly all fluid.

  • @rolitiwari0909 says:

    I am an Indian and 90% men in my area who are above 30 yrs age have a potbelly. It is because of lack of exercise, eating too many carbs, processed foods and sweets (Indian mithayi which are mostly fried and have sugar). Also they eat excess calories.

    I too got a potbelly after pregnancy but I reduced it by reducing my calories, jogging everyday and eating just whole foods made at home.

  • @briannantais4477 says:

    Working in health care for 30 years, I have always noticed this as well. Things that are observed with patients over a long period of time. Inflammatory diet is cause of so many health issues. Thank you for putting it out there so we can learn.

  • @hungry_doc says:

    Excess carbs in the form of roti, rice, dairy, sweet dishes,refined oils with most of the dishes containing potatoes and lack of exercise are the main culprit alongwith frequent eating ,stressful and depressing life is the main culprit here in india.!

    • @boink800 says:

      Most Indians have a massive sweet tooth. Combined that with replacing healthy ghee with seed oils contributes to huge health problems in India.

  • @ronaldparvanian6949 says:

    I had a young friend from India I invited to the gym with me. He had a portruding belly. He told me such a belly was a sign of wealth and prosperity in his country.

  • @ohhsarahh5957 says:

    Being an Indian and Specifically Bengali woman, I have always noticed women of Mothers generation goes through knee problems a lot. I have asked many people why it is happening never received a fruitful answer. Hence I’m commenting here, hope Dr.Berg will notice this comment and I may get an answer so I can pre-take care.

    • @justine3769 says:

      Vegan / vegetarian diet lacks a lot of nutrients needed for bone health and other things…

    • @ohhsarahh5957 says:

      @@justine3769 I’m neither vegan nor vegetarian. Rather Bengali community is carnivorous but the twist is they are physically weaker than vegetarian community of India. I guess lack of milk products could be one issue, but there might be more things that I do not have idea.

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