The Benefits of Hot & Cold Therapy

I share the exclusive details behind my longevity routine that anyone can try on their journey towards a healthier, longer life on a recent episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy. This includes hot and cold therapy, which has become an integral part of my weekly routine because of its scientifically proven benefits to our health.

Listen to the full episode titled “My Diet & Lifestyle Longevity Routine For Burning Fat, Building Muscle & Staying Young,” which can be found on your favorite podcast app.

Dave McKinnon

  • @brendadudderar8230 says:

    Causes spikes in cortisol, it is a stressor

  • @russg007 says:

    Kinda looks like John Stewart?

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  • @daniellegoler3364 says:

    Dr . Mark how much can you tell me about my condition with high blood pressure that’s uncontrolled but only in certain times of year . I got off the pharmaceuticals because my doctor only push more and more medication when they can’t find a way to lower it , I am very much concerned . I do believe In natural healing as you teach and I do good but then I crash I can say I drink alcohol which I know could cause issues . Every test I take blood X-rays CT of kidney and heart ultrasound in past was normal recently I was hospitalized two weeks ago for a day the blood test they said was good nothing showed anything but still I’m having high blood pressure. I manage my eating but I do have stress and a GAD diagnosis which I do believe is underlying factor but I am scared because I feel sharp pains in chest , neck area but every time I go to emergency they say they see nothing .please help . I also developed severe dry hands with the last time I had Covid in December and it has not healed only worsen . 😢please help answer with some guidance . I haven’t drunk in two weeks but still have been feeling pain in those areas and blood pressure high and not stable

  • @daniellegoler3364 says:

    I also want to mention I take supplements magnesium Beto watched your video on it , garlic I was taking b complex , moringa , and fish oil but I stopped recently because I went on the pharmaceuticals when I was in emergency and sent home with prescription but I recently stopped taking them because once again it didn’t fix the problem only starting making me feel worse and they added more and more so I can’t do it I rather have faith and use natural remedies and be obedient

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